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In order to obtain a confirmation on your Circulation Card that you have paid all your obligations to the Library, please:

  1. Return all borrowed books from the UKSW Library and pay any outstanding fees (check how to make payments);
  2. Settle in the BiblioWawa Warsaw Reciprocal Borrowing Programme (applies only to those who have used this service) ⇒ Instructions for starting the BiblioWawa e-circulation. The time to issue an e-circulation in BiblioWawa is 3-5 working days.

Detail information of the UKSW Library and Information System account can be checked at:

The Electronic Circulation Card is activated at the Dean’s Office of the given Faculty and is “stamped” if there are no arrears on the part of the Student.

In the case of detection of library arrears, the Student will receive an e-mail (to the address indicated in the USOS account) notifying of the need for individual settlement with the Library (return of books, possible fees for overdue items, settlement with the UKSW Library or BiblioWawa).

ATTENTION: For efficient communication, please check your e-mail and contact the Library immediately if you receive an arrears notice. Once the arrears have been settled, the Student is obliged to notify the Library that the settlement has been made (personal contact, telephone: +48 22 561 88 54 or e-mail:

A correctly settled Circulation Card is one of the conditions for the Student to be admitted to the defence!

Paper Circulation Card is dedicated only to the UKSW employees

In order to settle it, you should go in person to the Lending Room (5 Dewajtis st, New Building, library hall – K-303), phone: +48 22 561 88 54, e-mail: