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Every UKSW Library user with an active account has the option to send ‘purchase request’ if the searched book can not be found in the catalogue.

This is possible in two ways:

  1. 1. Use ‘…’ button to expand the top menu, click ‘PURCHASE SUGGESTIONS’ and fill in the order form.
Additional menu view in the Primo search engine of the UKSW Library catalogue.[screenshot]

2. Volumes with ‘Check for available services’ status are not available in the UKSW Library but there is an option to send purchase suggestion by the purchase suggestion form. To do this, expand full bibliographic description of the record, click ‘Check for available services’ (or scroll down the webpage) and choose ‘Purchase request’.

Pre-filled form will appear. It can be edited. There is also an option to add a comment. Every purchase suggestion will be analysed according to availability on the market, financial resources and acquisition policy of the Library.