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The Library and Information System is a network of interconnected and cooperating systems aimed at supporting didactic processes and scientific research. It participates in the scientific communication of the University and provides members of the UKSW community with access to library collections and scientific information resources. The system is managed by the UKSW Library Director with Library Council cooperation (as an opinion-making and advisory unit).

The Library and Information System is created by the UKSW Library together with systems for collecting, archiving and disseminating the University’s research and teaching achievements (including the UKSW Knowledge Base).

The main role of the System and the UKSW Library is to collect, catalogue, store and share scientific library resources and information science resources, including electronic resources, through remote or local access in the university network. The whole system is oriented on the collection of materials and information related to the fields of education at UKSW and to the associated disciplines, taking into account the specificity of individual units, as well as the teaching and cultural needs of the University.

The collections of the Library and information system are integrated in the UKSW Library Catalogue (ALMA along with PRIMO Library Discovery Service). One central catalogue enables precise insight into the availability of resources and improves the efficiency of their use.

The Library and Information System allows access to knowledge and resources to all interested users, both students, doctoral students and employees related to UKSW, as well as people from outside the University, on the terms described in the Library Rules and Regulations.

The new Library and Information System Regulations contain rules for the operation of the entire UKSW Library and Information System.