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APA PsycTHERAPY in trial access


You can use now free trial access to the APA PsycTHERAPY database (EBSCO). PsycTHERAPY offers unscripted streaming demonstration videos for teaching and learning psychotherapy techniques.

Produced by the American Psychological Association (APA), PsycTHERAPY collection offers access to 900 recordings of therapeutic sessions using the latest psychotherapy techniques.

APA PsycTherapy is a streaming video database of therapy demonstrations with hundreds of videos showing various treatment approaches. APA PsycTherapy is intended for educational purposes, specifically in clinical training and counselor education, and provides clinicians, counselors, and trainees the opportunity to observe candid psychotherapy videos featuring known therapists.

This proven counseling training method is an invaluable tool to remain abreast of the latest psychotherapy techniques. Therapists cover more than 150 approaches, such as integrated behavioral healthcare, cognitive behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. All therapy demonstrations in APA PsycTherapy are unscripted and were taped within the past ten years.


Trial access to the database lasts until May 31, 2024.

Trial access can be used free of charge until May 31, both from the University network and from outside it.

In order to use the database go to:, and type in full login data according to below examples:

  • „initial of name” (ie. or
  • (ie. or
  • album(index) (ie., etc.).

Then click on the database name.

05 March 2024