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The collections and the donations

The University Library gathers, houses and provides general knowledge literature with special interest in works in the fields of humanities, theology, social sciences, law and also, recently, natural science, mainly physics, chemistry and biology as well as formal science including mathematics.
The basic way of acquisition of the collections, including the subscription of domestic and foreign serial publications, is through purchase. The Library also accepts donations and maintains the service of  exchanging  publications with domestic and foreign institutions.

The Library collects all types of printed resources including the following:

  • Books (domestic and foreign),
  • Periodicals (domestic and foreign),
  • Special collections (manuscripts, incunabula, old books, atlases, maps, published music, microfilms, and multimedia publications).


The collections

The  prof. Witold Tyloch’s collection

Witold Tyloch (1927-1990) – a Religious Studies scholar, Hebraist, biblical scholar, researcher in Judaism and intertestamental literature, Professor at Warsaw University, from 1969 to 1973 The Director of the Centre for African and Semitic Studies at Warsaw University, from 1977 to 1990 The Director of the Centre for Ancient Near East and Hebrew Studies at Warsaw University.
The Collection bequeathed to the Library reflects personal passions of the owner. Therefore, it contains mainly works on Hebrew language and literature, history and culture of Jews and ancient Israel, biblical and Judaeo-Christian archaeology as well as biblical and intertestamental literature studies (Qumran Literature and Ugarit discoveries).



The fr.  prof. Janusz Stanisław Pasierb's collection

Janusz Stanisław Pasierb -  a poet, Doctor of Theology and Archaeology, Professor of Humanities at the Academy of Catholic Theology, Professor at the Seminar in Pelplin, a member of many international and domestic scientific associations and institutions, vice-chairman of the Church Art Commission of the Polish Bishops’ Conference.
After he passed away, the library received a part of the collection (being in fact a kind of personal reference set – a workshop for researchers) most of which has been donated to the library of the Seminar in Pelplin. The major part of the collection consists of the works in the fields of art and culture history and museology in a broad sense as well as general knowledge books, companions and encyclopaedias in almost all fields of humanities and theology. The collection comprises also several dozen of MA dissertations and PhD theses supervised or reviewed by Father Prof. Pasierb.



The prof.  Czesław Zgorzelski' s collection

Czesław Zgorzelski (1908-1996) - a philologist, scholar in Polish literature of  Enlightenment and Romanticism, Professor of Humanities at the Catholic University of Lublin, the editor of the works of Mickiewicz.
The book collection came after the owner’s passing away and illustrates the scope of research activity Professor Zgorzelski was engaged in.
Hence, works in history of literature prevail in the collection, not exclusively Polish, but also that of neighbouring countries, works by poets and novelists of Enlightenment and Romanticism – not infrequently their first editions as well as a number of encyclopaedic and biographical works. The books from this collection can be consulted only in the reading room.



The prof.   Andrzej  Ciechanowiecki' s collection

Andrzej Stanisław Ciechanowiecki (ur. 1924) - an art historian, patron and art collector, antiquary, the founder of The Ciechanowiecki Foundation at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Honorary Professor at The Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, a member of The Polish Academy of Learning in Cracow and many other Polish and foreign scientific organizations.
Donated to the Library, presumably only a part of the The Prof. Ciechanowiecki’s Collection can be characterized as a thematic set proving an interest in the culture and history of Eastern Europe. Prevail collective works of leading Russian writers and poets and exile editions of Soviet writers and poets (forbidden in their homeland) as well as 19th century picture albums on individual regions and cities of Russia, the works in the field of the history of Eastern Europe and individual units of tsarist army. A considerable part of the collection consists of the documents and works in the field of the history of the orthodox church and the lives of the orthodox saints. The books from this collection can be consulted only in the reading room.





The prof.  Lothar Ruppert's collection

Lothar Ruppert (1933-2011) -  a catholic theologian, Professor of Old Testament Exegesis at Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat in Freiburg im Breisgau.
The book collection arrived after the passing away of the owner and, as his former presentations, illustrates his involvements. Therefore, beside a significant number of the translations of the whole Bible or its individual books, prevail works in the field of biblical studies. Less frequent are works in intertestamental literature or history of Jews and Judaism. We can also find studies in dogmatic, church history or in art. The collection perfectly complements regular donations made by Polish biblical scholars: Fr. Prof. Jan Stępień, Fr. Prof. Jan Łach, Fr. Prof. Waldemar Chrostowski and others.






The fr. Wiesław Niewęgłowski' collection

Fr. Wiesław Aleksander Niewegłowski (ur. 1941 r.) - a writer, long-time chaplain of the community of Polish artists, The Director of the Centre of Television Journalism at the Institute of Media Education and Journalism at UKSW.
The donated part of the Collection of Fr. Niewęgłowski contains not only theological or religious works, but also publications in the field of theatrology, history of culture and art as well as in journalism and commentary.








The World Association Of Home Army Soldiers’ Collection

The Collection consists of the publications (books and journals) of The World Association of Home Army Soldiers and of all historic materials (printed, recorded music, films, etc.) or biographical and autobiographical works with reference to Polish armed resistance and martyrdom of Polish People during World War II and also in the days of the Polish People’s Republic.




The donations

Apart from the above listed collections, the attention must be drawn to the ones that have been handed over, usually in a systematic manner, by rectors and academic staff of The Academy of Catholic Theology and subsequently Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University as well as by persons having the library’s benefit and thus the whole University’s wellbeing in mind. Of course, from among numerous donators only the most important can be mentioned. The priority have the rectors of ATK and UKSW, especially Fr. Prof. Józef Iwanicki who donated a great number of foreign books and journals, above mentioned Fr. Jan Stępień and Fr. Jan Łach as well as Fr. Waldemar Chrostowski who handed over the books mainly in the field of the Old and New Testament Studies, biblical archaeology and also theological works.


Noteworthy are gifts from Fr. Prof. Antoni Kwieciński, a lecturer of Christian archaeology at ATK and UKSW, Fr. Piotr Chojnicki, a historian and ethicist, Professor at Warsaw University and ATK and Fr. Jan Grajnart, imprisoned for almost three years by UB (the communist security service), the chancellor of the Curia in Włocławek. More than 2 000 volumes were sent by Prof. Wacław Zajączkowski, according to the exchange agreement with Friends of the Catholic Academy of Poland  in Washington. Also donated: a lawyer, journalist and the member of the Parliament Jan Frankowski, Janusz Boiko Neumann, Michał Horoszewicz and many others.




dr  Paweł Skalski, Tł. dr Cezary Michnowski