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Karger database in trial access



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From now on you can test the new biomedical database Karger. The database offers access to 109 full-text journals in the online first model - appearing online before they are printed. Many titles are indexed i.e. in the Web of Science, Scopus, Medline / PubMed databases.


Currently, trial access can be used until February 16th, 2020 only from computers in the UKSW network. We will inform you as soon as this possibility of separation extended by personal devices.


To use the database:

1. Go to the website:

2. In the upper right corner, you'll see confirmation of logging in from the UKSW network.

Karger main view


3. In the middle part of the window, enter the search phrase and confirm it by clicking "Enter" or clicking the magnifying glass icon.

Karger search


4. In the list of results, click the title you want.

Karger result list


5. To read the selected article on the device you are using, click "Download Fulltext PDF" (1) or read the article online by scrolling down the page (2).

Karger reading aticle